UPDATED: August 25th 2015 WE WANT TO THANK EVERYONE WHO PURCHASED THEIR 2015 MARKET GOAT PROJECTS FROM US THIS YEAR. WE WISH YOU LUCK AND CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THE RESULTS OF YOUR HARD WORK! PLEASE CHECK OUT OUR NEW ADDITIONS FROM THE 2015 HEARTLAND CLASSIC BOER GOAT SALE. WE ENDED UP COMING HOME WITH 2 FULLBLOOD BUCKS, 2 FULLBLOOD DOES, 2 PUREBRED DOES AND 1 PERCENTAGE DOE. TWO OF THOSE DOES ARE BRED TO “CAPRIOLE’S TELLUM I’M TOUGH FOR 2016 KIDS. PLEASE CHECK OUT OUR “DOES FOR SALE” PAGE AS WE HAVE A SELECT FEW 2015 KIDS AVAILABLE AND HAVE POSTED NEW UPDATED PICTURES OF EACH OF THEM. YOU CAN ALWAYS SEE LIVE UPDATES ON OUR “COWAN BOER GOATS” FACEBOOK PAGE TOO. The Cowan farm is located in Goodland, Kansas which is just 20 miles from the Colorado line and 30 miles from the Nebraska line.  We breed and show Boers from grade to registered fullbloods. We raise traditional, red and paint Boers and specialize in 4-H market wethers. The Cowan Farm runs about 30 head of top quality Boers. With genetics ranging from Able Acres, Farmers Stock Exchange, Blue Gainey, Ash Creek, Agnew, Ryals, EGGS, Mauldin, TLB, 2Dox, and many more of the new and old genetics. WE ARE PROUD TO USE AND BE A DEALER FOR ESSENTIAL SHOW FEEDS We are happy to announce that we offer Essential Show Feeds. As a dealer and one who uses the products we could not be more happy. As a breeder we know how important nutrition is for our animals and the Essential Show product line offers a uniquely formulated feed and is blended to give your animals optimum nutrition in a highly digestible, highly palatable product. Essential Show Feeds offers everything from household pet food to show & maintenance feeds for pigs, goats, horses, llamas you name it we have it. If you would like additional product information or availability please feel free to contact us with your questions.
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